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[EE 1.13/1.14] Is core_url_rewrite deprecated?

[EE 1.13/1.14] Is core_url_rewrite deprecated?


My question is pretty straightforward : is the table core_url_rewrite deprecated or not in Magento EE 1.13+?

From one perspective (indexing) it seems so, because if you empty it, it doesn't get populated when running a full reindex. Also, after that, standard theme (RWD) does not seem to be broken.

But on the other side, once it's empty, you get nasty/system URL on some places when calling Mage_Catalog_Model_Product->getProductUrl() which turns out to still be using Mage_Url_Model_Rewrite and so core_url_rewrite.

Does it look like a bug?



Re: [EE 1.13/1.14] Is core_url_rewrite deprecated?

My mistake, it was caused by a buggy code from a third-party module.

And to answer, yes core_url_rewrite seems to be totally deprecated after EE 1.13 can be truncated safely.