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Email Issues

Email Issues

Hi Magento-experts I'm in desperate need for some assistance.


So I didn't built our current e-commerce site (took it over when I was employed here) so it has been extremely difficult for me to troubleshoot the problem that we are currently having.




So all of a sudden last week we stopped getting emails whenever a customer has placed an order. The customers also seem to not get an email notification after placing an order (I know this 'cause we have a ton of duplicate orders placed). When I'm inside each Sales Order it does however say that the customer has been notified (however this isn't the case since they aren't getting any emails).


Our sales notification emails are already set to 'Send as separate email' and that didn't solve the problem. If the emails are indeed leaving the Magento system they appear to be lost somewhere.


We are also using Magento v. 1.3 (mind you that the problem just randomly appeared without making any updates).


Any help or ideas would be much appreciated!