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Enable CAPTCHA on magento 1.9

Enable CAPTCHA on magento 1.9

How did I enable the CAPTCHA?


My Customer Configuration doesn't have a CAPTCHA option, the last configuration option is "Address Templates"


I am using the RWD Theme and i have already copied app/design/frontend/base/default/layout/captcha.xml to app/design/frontend/rwd/MY_THEME/layout/captcha.xml


Thanks in advance

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Re: Enable CAPTCHA on magento 1.9

Hi pulkit

I think the Mage_Captcha was disabled, so please check the Mage_Capcha.xml file to ensure it was enabled.

If it is enabled but not show configurations in backend, you need download source code of magento 1.9 then compare if the extension is missig any files in the Mage_Captcha extension.

By the way, you can reference this extension: Studioforty9_Recaptcha, I tried to intalled this extension on my site, it is working well and easy to customize.

Hope that help and good luck!