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Error 404 / Store View assistance

Error 404 / Store View assistance

I am helping someone with their storefront running Magento ver.  The webhost recently preformed a MySQL upgrade, and her website experienced several issues post-upgrade (503 errors, PHP issues, etc.).


We restored most of the website functionality (e-commerce is working, most links are also), but she has a top navigation bar with pages referenced in her CMS.  I can view the pages fine using the preview function under Manage Pages, and the URL that appears has the store view name appended (i.e.


On the live site however, if you click on the Store Locations button it goes to just without the store view name and produces a 404 error.  She has two active store views (i.e. Store 1 & Store 2) and when I tried deactivating either the index.php will give a 503 error.  I have tried re-indexing the site with no luck.


I did not design her storefront and have only worked briefly with the Magento platform, so just looking for advice on where to look next.


Thank you!