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Error 503 - Module"Fooman_pdfCustomiser" requires module "Fooman_EmailAttachments".

Error 503 - Module"Fooman_pdfCustomiser" requires module "Fooman_EmailAttachments".

hello, I tried to install the new theme and then I uninstall it, after uninstall something has gone wrong! I get the Service Temporarily Unavailable screen on my site now ( also get it on the admin log in page, so can't do anything.  The only thing I can do is access the files via FTP.

and I alreasy serch on google, and saw some method like clear 'maintenance.flag', but I can't find this file in my FTP, 

and the magento connect manager page shows the message:

Module"Fooman_pdfCustomiser" requires module "Fooman_EmailAttachments".

can anyone help me, the site already shut down for four days, please help me!!!!


Re: Error 503 - Module"Fooman_pdfCustomiser" requires module "Fooman_EmailAttachments


The theme must have installed the 2 Fooman modules mentioned below and only one of them appears to have been removed (or installed).


You should remove from app/etc/modules/ 2 xml files that will look similar to fooman_pdfcustomiser.xml and fooman_emailattachments.xml.


That should be enough to get your store up and running (providing you have deleted any maintenance.flag inside the root of your store).


However; you should remove the module files as well... to do this - I would recommend downloading a copy of the mentioned modules for reference and remove any files that have been left over.


It might also be worth checking on the authors gitlab / web site since sometimes authors list uninstall instructions for their modules.

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