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Error Message


Error Message

Hello,  I have a problem that just started yesterday. When I go to my website and try to do a search, I get the following error message. I think this may be due to Windows 10 update but not sure. I have no clue what to do.


There has been an error processing your request

Exception printing is disabled by default for security reasons.

Error log record number: 262174668394


Please help


Re: Error Message



Unfortunately based on this error message it is not possible to help - please connect via FTP/sFTP to your webspace and navigate to {webroot}/var/report/, find the file with the name "262174668394" and open it in a text editor - its content will be helpful to get a first clue about what is going wrong.

Re: Error Message

Hey WHLove


Thanks for taking the time to come back and accept this answer - however, if I may ask, since there wasn't too much detail in either the problem nor the solution, would you like to share some further details about what you found in the report and how this helped you to fix it?

This may be of further help for users that experience similar issues - maybe it was related to a particular extension or modification that was done earlier in the system?


Have a nice evening!