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Exporting specific data from Magento 1.9

Exporting specific data from Magento 1.9

I have a data analytics project in which I will extract data from our two legacy e-commerce sites and from our new Magento 1.9 (going live in July).  The data will be targeted at a third-party data warehouse solution.


The legacy systems will be retired soon, so I will perform a one-time extract on each of them.


The Magento extracts will be on-going.  I will need to extract data concerning buyers, sellers, products, and sales.  And, after the initial "pull everything" extract, I will have to do periodic delta extracts.


I like to use a plug-in that would do most of this work ... because the table structure of Magento (including the Mongogento add-on and the Webkul add-on) is complex.


Does such a plug-in exist? If not, does anyone have advice/guidance on how to proceed?


Re: Exporting specific data from Magento 1.9

Generally Magento only provide functionality to export default data like Product, Order, Customer etc. So using this functionality you can export default data. For custom data export, you will need to code.

1. Create a Magento cron in cpanel which call php script file on basis of regular interval time.

2. In php script file, write custom code (code for export extra data like buyers, sellers) according to your requirement.