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Featured Products Slider

Featured Products Slider


I want to ask you.

I'm using the Ultimo template. I have a problem and I can not find a solution. Magento ver., ULTIMO (1.13.0)

There is no product carousel on the main page.

I use this code:

{{block type="ultimo/product_list_featured" template="catalog/product/list_featured_slider.phtml" category_id="4554" product_count="12" breakpoints="[0, 1], [320, 2], [480, 3], [768, 4], [960, 5], [1280, 6]" pagination="1" centered="1" hide_button="1" block_name="test"}}

Has anyone had such a problem?



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Re: Featured Products Slider

We'd recommend to contact directly the support team of the company you've got the Ultimate template from. They should deal with the issue.

Good luck!