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File Upload during registration

File Upload during registration

Hi everyone,


I am trying to implement the function to upload a file during the registration for customers.

But it doesn't work.

I also would install any extension but I didn't find anything that does exact the same which I am trying to implement.

Have you any suggestions?

Thank you.


Re: File Upload during registration



Please go through below post, it will help you:


This all changes in customer module : app/code/core/mage/customer/ (if you have not create any custom module)


or app/design/frontend/base/default/template/customer/form/register.phtml


Still if you not understand how change the code then please let me know.




Re: File Upload during registration



If you are looking for an extension that will help to upload files during the registration, you can try the Registration Fields Manager extension for Magento. With this module you can create customer registration forms and include such element as "File Upload".


Hope this helps!


Best regards, Alex