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Filtered search makes infinite loading loop

Filtered search makes infinite loading loop

Hello guys.


I am a complete newbie to this Magento thing. I am currently working on my friend's webshop. I ran into a problem the other day when i was going around the site. When i try filtering something by brand it just gets stuck in an infinite loading loop. It does nothing. I cant find the problem. But if I right click the brand name and open it in a new window, it works perfectly and sorts everything in that category by brand, as it should do. 

Can anyone help me? 


Re: Filtered search makes infinite loading loop

I wonder if it could be a third party extension or customisation that's doing this. I wouldn't expect to see this out of the box. The other thing that could cause this is wonky web rewrites. 


If you use the network tab of the developer console in your browser, can you see the two pages that are redirecting to each other? That will help understand what's causing the issue. 


Are you able to share the website URL? 

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Re: Filtered search makes infinite loading loop


I dont know if you can see the results here, but this is what happens. I am very new to all of this, so i dont know much about it. The URL are in the top and this is what happens when i for an example choose to sort by "Done By Deer" brand