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Front end not showing properly

Front end not showing properly

Hi guys,


I am having huge trouble to fix this problem, I am kind of new to this and I'm totally clueless on how to solve this issue...


It started when I was changing all of my product names and put one word in front of each product name, so lets say: 'Hello Kitty' becomes 'Muursticker Hello Kitty' etc.  

This all went good untill I had done around half of all my products, suddenly it kept saying ''please be patient'' when i tried to save the new product name. it kept loading and loading but it did'nt changed, while I could do everything else in magento like normal. After this I went to see my website front end and this was a totall mess; as you can see here for yourself:

After a while when I logged on again in my magento back end, there came an error popping up, but i couldnt even read it and this error dissapeared again almost immediately... And I am also unable to find it in the history(inbox) in the magento back end.

Suddenly after this so called error?? I was able to save the product names again but since my website looks like a totall mess now it isnt going to help me futher and I am feeling really bad about this and hope some of you guys know what to do now...

As I said before I am new to this and dont have a lot of experience with magento or FTP's etc. so I really hope somebody can help me.

I am working with the Ultimo Theme and my website is


Also sorry for my English... 




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Re: Front end not showing properly

Sorry have to do a bump because the topic didn't showed up at the beginning because of the spamfilter...

Re: Front end not showing properly

Nobody that can help me? I really hope there is someone who could take a look for me..

And sorry for the bump but I am really lost about this

Re: Front end not showing properly

Looks like some missing/wrong CSS to me. do you have a backup that you can pull the CSS files from before it got borked?