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Frontend broken after cache updated

Frontend broken after cache updated



I got a huge problem I setted up some Upselling products and wanted to update the cache but after cache was updated the site broke totally. The Cache for "Layout" and html Block were set to "inoperative" before I updated every Cache.. Interestingly the Backend is still doing good.


Error #1: Fatal error: Call to a member function addLinkRel() on a non-object in /var/www/domains/keisinger/domain-klosterdorf-betten/magento/app/code/community/Frosit/Fontawesomeness/Block/Fontawesome.php on line 37 


First of all I disabled any cache in database threw core_cache_config in database -> nothing...


In between I got a 403 access forbidden for the favicon.ico -> then I set rights for this File to 664 and the 403 didnt occured anymore but the page is still blank and the wrong favicon is shown?! 


Then I saved all data from var/cache/ on my pc and then deleted everything inside the folder and set its rights to "777" via FTP.. -> nothing.


After all I wanted to know if Fontawesomeness causes the problem but deleting the folder ends up in a blank page. I get no errors in the console and no source code is shown just an empty html body.

I am not able to reach System -> Configuration unless I delete the "Fontawesomeness" Folder via FTP...


Shop Info:



Installed Extensions:

Infortis Ultimo Theme

Easy Contact Formular plus

Nextend Smartslider

Trusted Shops



The Shop URL is SSL secured.

I got access to:





I got no access to the webserver itself.


I got a backup from 30. July 2017 but I can't find the suiting Database file but may some files are good to use for testing by replacing with actual files.


ATM I am a nervous wreck so I just hope you will understand what I want to explain... 


Re: Frontend broken after cache updated

the shop url is


is it possible that it is a ssl error?

Because every page is totally empty and the only error i get is 403 cant load resource favicon.ico  so it seems that the url isnt providing the correct folder or something like that?!