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Gallery not working when using Images with larger sizes


Gallery not working when using Images with larger sizes

Recently installed community edition.



I have successfully imported products with multiple images via csv and dataflow profiles.


When I used some test images with sizes of 5.3kb, 5.3kb & 5.9kb (all 100x80) everything goes well and I can select the various images and the main image view changes to those images.


But if I simply replace the images with larger original images (that were scaled down in another shopping cart for highest quality) they do all show up but selecting the thumbnails does nothing.


Those images are 30kb, 35kb & 54kb (all in the range of 800x850). 

I have even scaled these down dimensionally and with regards to physical size and it appears that dimension may not matter but that all images have to be under 6kb to import properly with a working thumbnail gailery.


It was difficult to get original images small enough and of course the quality and size suffers greatly once they are on the site.


I had assumed that any size image would be scaled down properly when imported or in the file system but clearly that is not the case.


Is there anyway to overcome this so that I can upload any reasonable sized image and the scaling and gallery process will work?



P.S. I should also note that this type of behavior also occurs if I simply upload the same larger images via admin so it does not appear to be an issue related to importing.

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Re: Gallery not working when using Images with larger sizes

Continuing to test..


So it appears this may have something to do with the base image?


I uploaded 4 images, 3 of the mentioned smaller ones and a single of the relatively larger ones.


With any of the small ones selected as base the thumbnails work as expected to change the image shown but with the larger image as base the break in function continues.


Things also work as expected if "no image" is used as the base but of course that isn't acceptable since the product would initially show with no product image in larger frame.

Re: Gallery not working when using Images with larger sizes

Sometimes it helps to write it down I guess, solved.


This appears to be a conflict with this extension:
Codewix category accordion menu


Removing it and uploading again makes everything work.