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GeoCurrencyStore plugin

GeoCurrencyStore plugin

The website is  



Hey guys, thanks in advance for the help. 


I installed 2 plugins, 


Codewix_Currencyimport  which allows me to import current currency rates through yahoo or google.   this seemed to WORK.. 


then i installed GeoCurrencyStore   in order to change the currency automatically dependent upon their IP address.


I followed the instructions on both of these, which were pretty much the same...


General/currency setup,  then if you want to schedule import, you set that up...    select which countries to allow




then.... go to System, manage currency rates, import from yahoo, google or webservicex.... so i imported through Yahoo..


IT WORKED!  cool....  so currency importer did it's job.... .now the geocurrencystore plugin SHOULD automatically change the prices


soooooooo i went and found a proxy IP, changed my proxy for my browser to one in France, (i'm in USA)   and viewed the website and IT WORKED.......   then i changed to German, and it didn't work....   then i changed to several others, and had issues with the proxies themselves, and couldn't view the site anymore...


 so i got on facebook, and found a friend of mine in England, and had him look at the site, and he said it was USD... so i ran through the whole process again, cleared magento cache, cleared browser cache, reinstalled the plugin, cleared cache again, had him reset, and it still said USD.................... 


 how do i fix this???


Thank you!!!!