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Global message on products?

Global message on products?

Is there a way i can add a message to many selected products? 


For instance, i have 50 different jersey's and 70 different shorts and i want to let the customer know that they can get numbers/letters printed on the back if they email us? 


I know there is a custom option that allows the user to select if they want letters/numbers printed on the back but i am not sure how i would add that to the import sheet? So i was thinking would it be possible to display a message on the products i select? or would i have to go back and enter the information in the descriptions?


Re: Global message on products?

Hi @warbo201,



By default, Magento allows you to do that in the Long Description of the product.


However, a developer can customize your store by adding a product attribute and then customizing the product view template in the codebase to display the value from that attribute.


Best regards.

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Re: Global message on products?

Thanks for the reply.


I was just wondering if there was an already inbuilt thing but it's not problem.

Re: Global message on products?

I think you can achieve this result using product Custom Options text field.

Tanel Raja