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Google not finding images

Google not finding images

Hello there,


I'm writing today in the hopes that perhaps you could help me. Our store images are not ranking on Google images, search results etc. I've taken a look through Robots.txt, and found that /media/ was set to "disallow" however, since changing this - we've still no result with Google indexing our product images. I've taken a look through and added a few URL's in to our sitemap with images in the location using <image:image> & <image:loc> etc. But still, no avail.


Does anyone know why Google might not be indexing our images?


Thanks for your time!




Re: Google not finding images

Hi @steffmagie


It may take time for the Google bots to take the robots.txt file changes in effect.

Please read following

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Re: Google not finding images

Hello there,


Thanks for your reply! I took a look through and the changes we made to the Robots.txt were as of now, 5 days ago in total. Surely Google must be able to see which URL's have been changed and which ones haven't after 5 days?


Also - I noticed I'm not alone here - Magento has something in there that performs "checks" somewhere that prevents Google-ImageBot from scanning the right directories. As a "useragent: Google-Imagebot" will I need to make a separate section for Google Image Bot and of course - all other user agents? 


If this is such the case, would it be wise to add the Image URL's to the corresponding page URL's in Sitemap? Perhaps this will/should push images with page links to Google and allow a higher index rating?


Thanks for your reply,


For reference - the site I manage is 

Re: Google not finding images

Hello @steffmagie

There are a few things for you to know:

- Google prefers unique images, so make sure ours are (more or less).

- Make sure that relevant optimized alt tags are in place. Also images with understandable and optimized titles are indexed better (personilszed-christmas-mug.jpg vs image002.jpg)

- You can also create an XML image sitemap and list the URLs of your images there;

- Take the most important pages of your site and submit them to index manually via Google Search Console. It will help Google to see the images on these pages. But this method is quite time-consuming since it requires manual work.


Hope that helps!

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Re: Google not finding images

Please note that by enabling images on your site does not guarantee ranking, Google will crawl and rank them according to 200+ ranking factors, just make sure your images are of high quality, optimized and you are using ALT tag Smiley Happy

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Re: Google not finding images

I understand that, definitely.


The problem is that - while everything checks out on Magento for the images to be made visible to Google Image Bot, it still doesn't return any results when searching for a product. 


However, if I search for "Alginat 450g Schnell" in Google, the top ranking is our website (Bellydeluxe) with the name of the product, however - switching over to "Images" will yield no result in any of our pages.


I understand the factors involved, but it just doesn't make sense. When searching Google for "" the domain name itself, the only images that return with any results are from our Wordpress Blog, also hosted on the same server. Could it be possible that somehow - wordpress is taking priority in terms of image results as opposed to Magento? If so, how would this be resolved?


Thanks for your help, I really, really appreciate it!



Re: Google not finding images

Also - Under "System > Category" "Search Optimization" 


This is set as "Enabled" however, there are a few other options available in there, I'm not understanding them too fully - I'm just worried if I change something in here it might knock out the page?


The settings are - 


Product URL Suffix - Blank

Category URL Suffix - Blank

Use Categories path for product URLs - No

Create Permanent Redirect for URLs if URL Key Changes - Yes

Page Title Separator - Set as "-" 

Use Canonical Link Meta Tag for Categories - Yes

Use Canonical Link Meta Tag For Products - Yes


Could any of these be a factor in why Google Image Bot doesn't show any of our product images?

Re: Google not finding images

we have more than 10,000 images on the website I am working but not even 100 images are indexed, I have checked image URL in google robots txt checker in search console and found that images URL  are allowed to be indexed.


Any suggestion?