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Google search results


Google search results

Some results on google search are appearing with images, along with text. Some others don't.

My page's results never appear images on home page. It only, sometimes, appears images in product categories but still i can not choose preset the image that i want to be seen.

I have the same problem in products of my page.

Is there some way i can solve this using magento?

Re: Google search results

Could you include some examples of what you mean, please? I assume you aren't referring to the sponsored sections at the top of the google search results and to the side as these are the Google Adwords/Google Shopping paid adverts.


If you're referring to how some search results get shown with review star ratings, their price and sometimes image, this is achieved through providing structured data:


There are multiple approaches to adding structured data to your page and declaring which image should be included: JSON-LD, microdata, RDFa. 


There are a few extensions on the marketplace which help with these so called "rich snippets"


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