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Grand Total is inflated on only 1% of PayPal Express orders

Grand Total is inflated on only 1% of PayPal Express orders

Please help, we have scoured the Internet forums looking for a solution to this issue. 99% of the PayPal express orders come over flawless.  Then we receive an occasional call where the customer wants to know why the grand total at order conformation is showing an additional amount when they are redirected back to our site.  It is an erroneous number mostly around $10-$15 that doesn’t seem to match anything that we can find in the order.  It is happening on all different browsers and Windows versions thus, no common thread.  It also corrupts the grand total if the customer tries to then use a credit card the grand total remains inflated.


After we convince the customer to go ahead and checkout they do and the total they are charged in PayPal is correct.  The extra amount never appears again. We think it’s a 1% issue as we don’t know how many may just log off thinking they are being scammed so it’s an issue that may be costing us sales.


The only insight that we can find is that one customer cleared out their cookies and then proceeded through PayPal checkout with the grand total showing the correct amount. So it must have something to do with the stored cookies


We are running a rather new site launched in June 2015.  We are a bit unique as we have the Drop Ship and Shipping Override modules installed. We can not find any common thread there either on which warehouse or type of shipping assigned with the products, or if one or multiple products with different warehouses are in the cart. 


All the credit card payments also checkout flawlessly so everything seems to be installed correctly.