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Help Us Solve This Product Image Mystery!

Help Us Solve This Product Image Mystery!



We've got a strange mystery on our hands, wondering if anyone could provide any help. We are using CE At some point in the past few weeks, something happened in our Product records (Admin->Catalog->Manage Products), which is preventing anyone using any computer in our office to upload or edit Image or Image settings in our Magento Admin.


When the system is working normally, the Image section screen looks like the screenshot (Screenshot A) below:


 Note that the radio buttons are checked and the "Browse Files... " and "Upload Files" buttons are on the right side. The image upload functionality works without issue.


However, when we access this same page from any computer in our office (PCs, regardless of browser), we see this (Screenshot B):



Note: Same item but now radio buttons are unchecked, "Browse Files..." and "Upload Files" buttons are over on the left side now. More importantly, radio buttons can be selected but after hitting either Save option and returning, they are blank again. Also, you can browse for files, select and upload (looks like Screenshot C below) and the message says "Uploading" and then "Complete." But the image never updates. If you save and come back original image remains unchanged.




Again, this non-functioning image page appears for all of the computers in our office, regardless of browser. Here's the kicker: people in Romania (various browsers), Pennsylvania (Mac, Chrome) and myself personally, (from a PC on Firefox, located at home 2 blocks away from our office), each of us using the same Magento admin URL and login credentials, have ALL been able to access the fully functional version (Screenshot A) of this Image section without a problem at all. We have updated all flash versions on our office computers, but still experience same problem.


Here's the mystery: why will no computers in our office bring up the functional version of this image section, while all other computers outside have no problem doing so?


Sorry for length, thought more detail would be helpful. Appreciate any ideas!


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