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Homepage occasionalyy starts 404ing

Homepage occasionalyy starts 404ing

Having an issue with a site that I just can't figure out.


The site uses the Fishpig Wordpress integration with the root addon.  Every now and again the homepage which is served by Fishpig starts serving the Magento 404 page and we have to clear the cache to get the homepage to show up (looks like we only need to clear the layout cache although sometimes that just fixes it for 10mins)..


Site is running on a well configured dedicated host, cache is mounted in tmpfs which is 2GB and site is on Enterprise which is fully patched.  We have Varnish setup to only cache static assets and so also have the FPC turned on.  Site build is done by composer so theme, extensions etc are obviously symlinked in from the vendor folder.


Has anyone seen anything similar or have any ideas on what might be causing this?  Site can run for days with no issue then suddenly have 3 or 4 of these events in a short time.

Richard Cleverley
Magepim Ecommerce Services