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How to recover deleted database parts ? Help needed

How to recover deleted database parts ? Help needed

Hey there 

I recently had the problem that in the "manage stores" window there were no yellow titles appearing , so I couldnt change settings and stuff , thanks to Damian Culotta I could solve this problem. Somehow in my databse on  phpmyadmin allt he names of core_website , core_store and core_store_group were turned to NULL , so I adjusted the names and it worked Smiley Happy 

But now I have another problem , as the title werent working I created like 2-3 stores just to see if it would randomly work again ^^. Now via phpmyadmin I tried deleting them , which worked pretty well , but now I have deleted a little too much :/ 

I deleted all my store views except default because i thought it was english , so I deleted everything else , seems it isnt. same in the store and store group database.


Now to my question , is there any way to recover those parts ? Everytime I try to access my page now I get 404 Error by Magento.


If needed I also got TeamViewer so you could make yourself a picture Smiley Happy


Have a great day and thank you very much for every helpful answer Smiley Happy