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Image upload but then don't show on front end

Image upload but then don't show on front end



I have just updated to V and now when I upload an product image and click on save, the image seems to disappear.


For example this is what I can see in back end once image is uploaded:


I have flushed cache and I looked at a couple of solutions changing the uploader.php file line 219 


But my line 219 is this:  chmod($destinationFile, 0666);


And solution states 


pen up the following file:


Find this line :

chmod($destinationFile, 0640);

Replace it with this line:

chmod($destinationFile, 0777);


So I did and it didn't solve the problem.


Another solution was to change the Media folder to 0777?  Havn't tried it as I am not sure this folder should be this file permission?


Any help would be most appreciated. Smiley Happy 


And I don't have this line: