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Images won't import (and no errors)

Images won't import (and no errors)

Hi all,


Totally new to Magento (EE v1.14.x), but I have searched the forum and the same solutions don't work for me:


Paths seems fine.

Folder and file privileges seem fine (owned by apache, fully readable) .


I am updating some products to bring in images. For example, I have an image at:



My CSV has 'default.jpg' in the 'image' column for my products (as a test image).


The CSV validates fine, and the import is successful, but I check my item in the catalog back-end and no image Smiley Sad


I have tried changing the CSV field to '/default.jpg' and even the full path but nothing.


What doesn't help is the conflicting online guides. This discussion says images should be in var/media/import: while this discussion says media/import:

I assume things have changed over the lifespan of Magento?


Please could someone definitively tell me

  • which folder I should have my image/s in?
  • Is 'image' the correct column name in my CSV?
  • is 'default.jpg' the correct path I should have in my CSV?

Thank you!






Re: Images won't import (and no errors)

Please can anyone advise what I am stupidly overlooking?


I have found now that my images must be importing, as I can see them under media/catalog/product/1/ etc etc, but when I inspect the individual products via the Admin GUI, each item still shows no images. It's as though they're being imported on the file system, but Magento isn't creating the DB references or some master option has "Hide images from Admin(!)".




Re: Images won't import (and no errors)

It seems I have found the solution after wading through endless blogs and forums posts....


I find it quite unbelievable that EE costs tens of thousands in licensing costs, yet there are amateur coding problems preventing admins from doing basic operations within the software! They should be ashamed of themselves!