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Import/Export data

Import/Export data


today I have to export data in .csv, but following various guides they say that I have to go into System -> Import/Export data, but when i go to System there's nothing about Import/Export data.
What can it be the problem? I need the csv file


Re: Import/Export data

@giancarlom7dd9 ,

seems like you don't have proper Admin for that. 

the account you have is a limited access account in which the permission for import & export is not there. 

kindly ask your service provider for a super admin account that has permission for all resources. 

or if you have FTP Access than kindly use the following guide to create an account and check 


also, its time to plan an upgrade to Magento2 


kindly accept as a solution if this works for you and give Kudos. 


Re: Import/Export data

Yes, the process for exporting data in CS, is to go to

the admin panel and then system and select export.

I don’t know why you are facing this.