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Import all images in path via CSV

Import all images in path via CSV

Hi on my Magento new store ( I tried to import multiple images via CSV for item with the '_media_image' field. Its worked as expected.

Now I try to find a way to import all the images in a specific path.

For example: Item SKU is 001 so I place all the images that related to item 001 in a directory with the following path - media/import/001/ now I would like to type under 'media_gallery' something like '/001/*' so it will import all the images inside 001 directory.


Is there a way to do this?


by the way this is the traditional way I do, but it will take a lot for the quantity items i have like 500 now.

So going for this example it will be like



and will import this 3 pictures.


Thanks to all