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Import/export products with different languages


Import/export products with different languages

Hello, I would export/import lot of products on my Magento.


All of my products have Name and Description in 4 languages (En, Fr, Nl, De). On my website, I use different store view to manage the languages but I have no idea how to translate it on my export and import.


I have more than 1.000 products and I don't want to manage manually all store view. 


I didn't find solution on google, maybe someone can give me some track solution.



Re: Import/export products with different languages

Ok, I found the solution, I will explain this here if someone has the same question.


It's really easy when you know what to do. 


if you want to import the same product in two differents languages you should make 2 records of this product. In the second record, you have to change the value of store column and put it the name of your store view. And change all value of your second language. Magento will dynamically merge both records with same SKU (id of product). 


Example :


store                   sku                  name

default               5                      myProduct
fr_view              5                      monProduit