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Impossible to upload an picture from my computer

Impossible to upload an picture from my computer

Hello everyone,


I can't upload an picture on Magento since the massive attack in EU. Every time I get the message : Upload HTTP Error

I tried everything : reinstall browsers ( I tried on Chrome, IE, Firefox), desinstall McAfee and installed BitDefender instead

The problem seems to come from my computer, because I tried to upload the same picture from another computer and it worked. I tried from my computer with others pictures I already downloaded in the past and didn't work either.

The magento I use is and I have a PC under windows 10.

I'm not from computer world, so I will need an answer understandable to non initiates ^^

Hope someone can help, I work from home and can't work since then and my boss is getting annoyed I don't add new articles...


Re: Impossible to upload an picture from my computer

It is more likely it is a server issue in my experience.  I would try resetting your file permissions. Then possibly contacting you hosting provider as it could be a mod_security issue.


Try this


Chris @ Rixxo
Magento Solution Specialist, 10 year Magento user, store owner and Agency Director