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Increase Records in URL Rewrite Management

Increase Records in URL Rewrite Management

I have a store that I upgraded version to and right from the time it was done so far, a lot of redirects have been generated in the URL Rewrite Management section so that it's now available. For about 4300 products, many of which are not available, 484299 records are redirects, and they are getting bigger at any time. On the other hand, the Google console also appears on the ascending pages of 404 pages, which are the same links that are being made to my site by Magento.


I really need help Now I'm working for 1 week I have not got any results why these links are produced?

An example of the links that are generated and redirected are as follows:


Request Path: .../ wedding-guest-book-12122.html

Target Path: ..../ wedding-guest-book-12492.html


Request Path:..../home-garden/garden-outdoor/gardening-tools-accessories/plastic-garden-trowel-12217.html

Target Path:: .../home-garden/garden-outdoor/gardening-tools-accessories/plastic-garden-trowel-12598.html


Request Path: .../ plastic-garden-trowel-12217.html

Target Path: ..../ plastic-garden-trowel-12598.html


Maybe you need to know I've put a specific product in a few Categories.
And in the corresponding settings, I set "Use Categories Path for Product URLs " to "No"

Somebody to help me?


Re: Increase Records in URL Rewrite Management

This normally happens because of a conflict of URLs when Magento reindexes. (See a stackoverflow post on the subject with a couple of suggestions It is safe to delete all "System" redirects and allow magento to recreate upon reindexing. This may get rid of your problem. Note, don't delete any "Custom" redirects that you have created.  If that doesn't work, there may be a product URL key conflict causing the issue in which case those products will need to be updated. 

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