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Indexing issues


Indexing issues

Hi, Since yesterday I have been getting this message when ever I make any product changes:

One or more of the Indexes are not up to date: Product Attributes, Product Prices, Stock Status. Click here to go to Index Management and rebuild required indexes.


Does anyone know why this has started happening?

Is it OK or is there a background issue?


Thank you for your help.




Re: Indexing issues

Hi @Reliablem,


Which edition of Magento are you using?

Normally that message is triggered after something into the catalog has changed and the indexes are out-of-date.

Maybe you're using some integration that changes the catalog?

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Re: Indexing issues


We are running version 1.9

Is it ok for this to happen everytime I update a product?

This has only been happening for the last 3 days, which by coincidence is when we fell out with our developer



Dave Rudge

Re: Indexing issues

whenever you changes any products in magento at that time you need to show indexing message at top of your dashboard. This is not an issue its just notification when you do any changes on product level.

If you are doing any changes on product you need to do indexing from system -> Index Management to get your changes on frontend.

Using Indexes you can look your changes to frontend.


Is it OK or is there a background issue?
Its not an actually issue its functionality of magent native.

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