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Inline Translater not working


Inline Translater not working

Hi there,


I am using latest magento version.


If I activate inline translater for frontend, nothing is doing. 


What can be a problem?




Re: Inline Translater not working



Enable it for the current store view and for remaining stores set it to Disable.

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Re: Inline Translater not working



thanks. Can you explain it please?

Re: Inline Translater not working

If you run a multi-store setup, you have to enable the correct storeview.


First go to System > Configuration > Developer > Translate inline 


When this is done, go to the upper left corner, where is says: Current Configuration Scope:

Click the dropdown > Choose the website you wish to edit.

Confirm by click yes.


Then > Enable for Frontend > YES (like you already have done).


Make sure there is no IP restriction in the field > Developer Client Restrictions > Allowed IPs (comma separated) > Should be empty, or having your IP adress in entered.


Then clear cache > System > Cache management > Emtpy all.


Then go to the frontend of your store (using Firefox browser) hit Refresh (hard refresh), then you should be able to see the inline translator working, and showing small red dotted lines around tranlatable text.


Lets us know if this helps :0)


-- Best regards --
Kent Christiansen / @KentChrDK / Magento Certified Solution Specialist / Visit my site (DK)

Re: Inline Translater not working

Thanks a lot it's working!

Re: Inline Translater not working

Nice one.


Jigneshkumar aakoliya