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Insert Image window does not show images

Insert Image window does not show images

After upgrading from 1.9.1 to 1.9.2, the popup window to insert images, fails to show (the actual) uploaded image. The image is uploded, and i have verified they are in the folder(s). It just won't display.


Image:      All folders appear to have the correct permissons, as checked by me and Nexcess.


Error Log:


[error] [client] client denied by server configuration: /home/accountname/, referer:[Sun Jul 19 04:51:39 2015]


Images show fine on front end. "client denied by server configuration", Apache says server is configured incorrectly.


Inspect element:

1.9.2 <img src="" alt="slide3.jpg">


Which is different than


1.9.1 <img src=" alt="newsletter-backdrop.jpg">


I understand there were changes between the two versions, but i haven't been able to confim this is one of them.


Is this a problem with Magento or a problem with server configuration, or both?


Thanks for any help!


Re: Insert Image window does not show images

Comment out these lines causes the image to show up "Mage_Cms_Model_Wysiwyg_Config::IMAGE_DIRECTORY"

in app/code/core/Mage/Cms/Model/Wysiwyg/Images/Storage.php

if (strpos($filePath, $mediaRootDir) === 0) {
$thumbSuffix = self::THUMBS_DIRECTORY_NAME . DS /*.*Mage_Cms_Model_Wysiwyg_Config::IMAGE_DIRECTORY*/
. DS . substr($filePath, strlen($mediaRootDir));

if (! $checkFile || is_readable($mediaRootDir . $thumbSuffix)) {
$randomIndex = '?rand=' . time();
$thumbUrl = $this->getHelper()->getBaseUrl() /*. Mage_Cms_Model_Wysiwyg_Config::IMAGE_DIRECTORY*/
. DS . $thumbSuffix;
return str_replace('\\', '/', $thumbUrl) . $randomIndex;

Re: Insert Image window does not show images

I had the same exact problem while ago.

Mine was a permission issue, Web User didnt have permission to read the file!

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Re: Insert Image window does not show images

Hey xeont,


Did your hosting company solve this, i have had other permisson errors too. My Wordpress profile page had a permission error, they fixed that, i had tried to install another instance of Magento on the server, it had problems too.


But they say this issue was Magento's fault. I tried uncommenting the above lines after they changed permissions, but it still didn't work.


I'm starting the doubt the competency of my hosting company. Thanks for letting me know!

Re: Insert Image window does not show images

Hi bntabor,


I dont have to contact the hosting company to change Permissions as I'm Running my own VPSs. Smiley Happy


You can ask them to set permission,


Directory - 755

File - 644


and try.


If they are running SELinux in Enforce mode (in case). It will be a different story.



Melbourne | Australia -
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