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Installation error

Installation error


I'm running Magento and I need to install the Cardsave payments extension. However, when I try, I get this error:

CONNECT ERROR: Package community/Cardsave_Cardsaveonlinepayments 1.15.2: requires PHP version >= 5.1.0 and <= 5.6.0 current is: 5.6.15


Obviously I am using too high a version of PHP. So that leaves two options: Downgrade PHP to sub-5.6 or find a verion of the extension which will work with 5.6.15

Does anyone know if there is an update for this extension available or if it can be patched please?





Re: Installation error

hi all you have to do - just ask developer about any incompatibilities.


also you can just download this extension and install it manually, then check for errors

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