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Inventory Import Not Visible

Inventory Import Not Visible



I am currently working with Magento ver. I have a created a test CSV import file to import new products to our store. Currently the test file only has one product in it just to make sure it works.  I went to Import, set the Entity Type as "Products" and the Import Behavior as "Append Complex Data". I selected the import file and checked the data which came out as valid with no errors. I then selected import which then prompted the status "Import successfully done".  

Seemingly the import process went through without any issues, however when I searched for the item in Catalog>Manage Products, the product was not visible and didn't show up. I attempted to import the item a couple times after that with the same results. I checked the import columns and made sure the values were correct in each cell but still the same problem.


Any chance for a solution on this? We've imported other items without an issues, but now for some reason it is not working.


Thanks in advance!


Re: Inventory Import Not Visible



In case your products is not visible in Catalog -> Manage products, check the following fields tax_class_id and status.

In case you have missing or wrong values for those fields, the products might not be displayed in back-end.


Have a look at this article to check correct format of values for required fields -



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Re: Inventory Import Not Visible

Thank you for your input and taking the time to reply. We have since figured out that the problem was within special characters included in the description cell. Certain characters like the degree symbol, or fractions did not allow the import file to go through successfully.  We have changed all characters and the import went through.  Thank you again for your help!