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Invoice not always generating

Invoice not always generating

I am having an issue where the invoice is not generating consistently. Payment seems fine and invoices can be manually made (after the shipment is created) but there are no errors given.


I cannot find any obvious problems in the logs.


I am using Magento




Re: Invoice not always generating

Hi @namco,

Can you explain a little bit more what it means "the invoice is not generating consistently" and which is the error?

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Re: Invoice not always generating

When orders were made invoices would not always be generated. There seemed to be no errors in the logs and manually processing the missing invoice caused no errors to occur.


I also spoke to Ebizmarts who showed a problem in the sagepay_transactions table where the orders with non generating invoices had no order ids attached (not the increment id). Ebizmarts said that the issue was likely to be that there were duplicate order ids - this was proven to be the case when we saw that the highest order id was 11xxx and the ones currently generated were 82xx.