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Issue when saving content in backend

Issue when saving content in backend

Hi all i experienced a strange issue on magento 1.9x platforms.

When modifying content in backend and after that saving it, requires 2 or 3 times page to be refreshed for changes to take effect.

I give an example:

go to system->cache management->cache storage management-> refresh all cache and click submit.

Nothing happens until go to other section in backend (catalog, or dashbord, or any section). Only  than i received message that 8 cache types were being refreshed.

I`m a bit confused so any help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Re: Issue when saving content in backend

Hi @aoanchev,


Are you using some external cache?

Can you enable the Magento's logs and check if there is some specific message on system.log or exception.log files? (You also should check your webserver error log).


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Re: Issue when saving content in backend

I`m not sure about using external cache. My magento installations are on a shared hosting. I`ll ask their admins about that. In system .log there is nothing helpful. I made a clear installation of magento CE,  without external themes or plugins. Strange behavior exist even on fresh installation..So I think it is connected to some caching source the shared hosting is using.