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Issue with product Listing, Blank Attribute Drop Down

Issue with product Listing, Blank Attribute Drop Down

Magento After the update i no longer see the products options. The drop down list Is coming up as blank. I have been looking to fix this for days and have tried every possible solution. Could anyone kindly help me how to go about this issue. I have tried to install te Magento files again Currently i am using the default theme to make sure it was not the issue with my themeCapture.PNGthis dropdown shows empty


Re: Issue with product Listing, Blank Attribute Drop Down

Few things I can think of to check:


  • Does the rest of the page function correctly?
  • Do the products still look configured correctly in the admin area?
  • Does the dropdown function, it's empty, or is it broken?
  • Do you have any extensions in place that modify products functionality that you could disable briefly to see if they are affecting it?
  • Can you check the Magento and PHP logs for any errors
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Re: Issue with product Listing, Blank Attribute Drop Down

Hi Tom,

thank you for your reply. to answer the points you have raised.

  1. No, the pages where products have options, i also do not see the product image
  2. Yes, Products are correctly configured in the admin area (please see screengrabs)
  3. Yes, i have checked the products with disabled extensions and theme (no affect)
  4. Great advice, I did notice that the logs were OFF. I turned the logging on and see errors, Including log file here. Could you please advise what it may mean. Issue appear to be with the followingCapture_1.PNGcapture_3.pngCapture.PNG file.
  5. 2017-12-04T09:54:24+00:00 ERR (3): Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach()  in /home/macsolut/public_html/mshop/includes/src/Mage_Catalog_Model_Product_Type_Configurable.php on line 354

Re: Issue with product Listing, Blank Attribute Drop Down

Update on this issue.

i have been trying to trouble shoot this by disabling different modules that were throwing errors shown in the log file.

Finally it turns out the issue is with the file:


When i disable the file, the issue is fixed and the product options start to appear in the drop down.

My question however, what is the functionality of this file. I may have fixed one issue but will it affect any other functionality ? Any explanation on this file be great help. thanks.