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JS and CSS files not found

JS and CSS files not found

Hi everyone


I'm having a strange issue that after a period of time, the webpage cannot find the css and JS files anymore. They all give a 404 error. This results in prices displayed in USD instead of EUR and the admin page not reachable.

I see that in the link, the "js" folder is missing. So instead of, the webpage tries to reach resulting in a 404 error. 

The issue is resolved when I restart the apache service on my server. Not when I clear the cache. 


Any idea why this happens? It started a few months ago when I started using virtualhostfiles to host different websited on one server. 






Re: JS and CSS files not found


Re: JS and CSS files not found

From your description, it does seem like a web server issue and not related to Magento. 


You will need to make sure that Apache is configured correctly (especially the virtualhostfiles) in ordet to resolve the issue. 

James Lee | Moderator • Magento Master
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