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Locked out

Locked out

Hi all,


I have a friend who has a website created with Magento.  We need to access the admin panel in order to make some changes.


However, the previous admin and the friend had a falling out and the admin will not give us the access details to the admin page.


We have access to the c Panel for the host and can access all of the files and the MySQL databases.


I have emailed the admin and pleaded to their better nature but it falls on deaf ears.


Is there any way we can gain access to the admin area of the website?


If not what options do we have.  As I said previous we have access to all of the files and databases.


Many Thanks


Re: Locked out

Is that Magento 1 or Magento 2.


Magento 1:


login to DB and run:

update admin_user set password=concat(md5('123demo123'),':123') where user_id=1;


that sets password to demo123, you then need to get username, that info you can get by:


select username from admin_user where user_id=1;



Magento 2:


UPDATE admin_user SET `password` = CONCAT(SHA2('123demo123', 256), ':123:1') WHERE user_id=1;


select username from admin_user where user_id=1;



Re: Locked out



Thanks for that.  I think I have identified the correct install but i am having trouble finding the actual login page.


The install is not evident in the file manager.  I have tried all the options given in various forums but con not locate the login page.  I am actually struggling to identify the structure of the install.  It looks like there are several sub domains created and i am not sure which is the main one.  The structure is below.  This is the site admin i am trying to get at  Think I might have bitten off more than i can chew here, any help would be appreciated.


file structure.jpg

Re: Locked out


Hi kgerasimov

I followed your instructions and i get an error when logging in.



Any ideas?


This is looking more and more like a complete re-install Smiley Sad


Not Ideal outcome




Thanks for helping