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Login Button Not Visible


Login Button Not Visible

Hi All,


I am using Magent CE 1.9.2 on my localhost, it was working perfectly fine till about last night, however, today I am faced with a login issue on the front end.


I cannot see the login button on the front page. The button is hidden, when I click where I know the login button exists it shows me the drop down, however, not the actual button persay, just the options. 


I am unable to add the screenshot for more clarity.


I am new to magento. I am not a developer either.


Please guide.


Thanks in advance


Re: Login Button Not Visible

a screenshoot would be helpfull. i did have the same problem, than i find a wrong code in the CSS file.

May be you have the same.

Re: Login Button Not Visible

Hi in my magento admin dashboard login button is not visible. Can any one help me ?