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Long index time (how to check progress?)

Long index time (how to check progress?)



EE v1.14.2.4

CentOS7, PHP5.6, MariaDB10.1

137,000 Products


We are still in development of our shop at the moment.


We have recently purged and re-imported all of our product data, but the indexer is taking a very, very long time.

Previously we had 69,000 products and a full re-index took about 4~5 hours. Since importing 137,000 products, it's at 24hrs and still going...


I am busy trawling the web on how to improve system speeds, but it would be real nice if someone can advise a way of gauging how far through the re-index process we are at. Is there a specific DB table we can watch to see how far there is to go?


Thank you!


Best Regards,