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Looking For Paid Support With GroupClone

Looking For Paid Support With GroupClone

Hi community,


I have paid alot of money to purchase the contus GroupClone addon for magento and now i have installed it they wont support me as they say my problem is a magento issue.


I am happy to pay someone for support but i refuse to pay contus!!!


When i install a fresh new magento install and mak a paypal standard payment for a new order everything works fine however as soon as i install GroupClone when a user buys a deal from the site, the payment gets stuck in pending mode, the paypal IPN shows my server returning a 500 error and in my order status i see the following


28 Aug 2015 18:46:19|Complete
Customer Notification Not Applicable
IPN "Completed". Note: Invalid transactional email code:


I am happy to pay for support and give server details etc for any help on this problem, its stopping anyone completing a purchase.