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Lost my coupon code block!

Lost my coupon code block!



Almost finished on a store and noticed the coupon code block is missing. I do have a number of templates and plugins that could affect this but I have gone back to using the same same files from other child templates which show the block but still nothing.


I wonder if anyone could take a look and if they might see anything amiss? is the test site - as I say almost there but certain parts not finished.

You can select a product from here:


Any help or advice really appreciated




Re: Lost my coupon code block!

@ukbh it's probably because of something in the layout XML file. Check your templates layout files for a reference to or coupon. 
It would probably look something like <remove name="coupon"/> and remove that

Re: Lost my coupon code block!

Thanks for the reply and sorry for the delay in answering but had been away at MagentoLive Smiley Happy

OK I'll check those files and come back to you, thanks.

Re: Lost my coupon code block!

Hi Sander,


I have looked through the xml files but found nohting you have mentioned.

On another note I have two test domains running the same theme and the same child files and one shows the coupon codes while the other does not. I can open these sites for a while so you can see. and will give you a product to view in cart.


I set up after trucklebrothers to test the coupon codes could be seen, and yes they could, I used the same theme and child theme files.


Any help or advice would really be appreciated, thankyou.