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MAGENTO "Payment has been declined. Please try again"

MAGENTO "Payment has been declined. Please try again"


I am having problem with magento checkout. can anyone help me out to solve this problem?


problem; 1

We have a Magento site which has been running fine but all of a sudden users can no longer checkout with PayPal in One Page Checkout. After hitting the button to checkout, the Ajax icon spins temporarily and then nothing Happens. When the button is hit again, users are taken to a page where they are told their Shopping Cart is Empty. We have a Magento ver. site. We have PayPal Payments Advanced account.



We are unable to get proper communication between Magento and PayPal. Here's what happens: When we purchase a product on our site, the buyer gets a pop-up saying, "Payment has been declined. Please try again." The Magento admin "Orders" panel shows the transaction with a status of "Canceled." However, the buyer's credit card is charged and our account shows that we have actually received the payment. I have talked with Paypal, and they said that everything works fine from their end. the problem is not from Paypal.


I need to complete: We need the buyer to receive the expected "order successful" or "thank you for the order" notification screens. We also need the order to appear properly in the Magento Admin "Orders" panel. This must be accomplished without editing or changing any of the core Magento files. This must be a solution that will be compatible with extensions and the existing site and does not cause any other problems.



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Re: MAGENTO "Payment has been declined. Please try again"

Regarding your problem #2, I had this issue in Magento 2 due to rounding prices with 4-decimal places.  We had to allow for 4-decimal precision in certain price calculations