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MGT Review Remidner and ShipStation

MGT Review Remidner and ShipStation

Just before the Christmas season we moved to shipstation and now our MGT Review Reminders are not being created.  I have opened a few tickets with MGT and they just close them without responding.  I even begged and pleaded to pay for their support as my developer stated they do not see why its not working, but soon as I open a ticket with MGT, they are closing.  I am out of the support period, but a simple note back would be nice.


Does anyone have any experience with the MGT-Review Reminder and ShipStation.  Both are great products and Im sure its a simple fix

As far as I can tell, my Cron Job is running, but Im not sure what I am looking for.


The revew reminders are created when I manually 'ship' and order, just not when ship station updates the order status.


Thanks you for your help