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MKS Store Locator not displaying

MKS Store Locator not displaying



I basically inherited a Magento store, v. It has a store locator as part of it, but the previous developer never finished setting it up. Under system configuration, I have "MKS Store Locator". When I go there, I have "Settings" where I can choose to Enable/Disable the extension.


I click enable, and hit save. 


I have a page with this on it: {{block type="storelocator/index" name="storelocator_index" template="storelocator/index.phtml"}}


However, nothing shows on that page. I try clearing the cache, but when I do that, and then go back to my settings, the store locator shows as "Disabled" again.


I'm stuck! Any ideas?




Re: MKS Store Locator not displaying

What is your version of Magento and the extension ? 

Re: MKS Store Locator not displaying

My version of Magento is  v.


I don't even know what the extension is called, and I don't know how to tell what version it is?


Thank you.