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Mage_Email_Templates.csv not working

Mage_Email_Templates.csv not working

I written a message in the polish area of the forums but since this isn't really related to polish but a general issue I think it is better to write a message here, I hope itsn't seen as double posting, not sure how many read the polish area, not very active.


We use magento version


We are building sites that need different languages. So far like the german the language pack used have a folder structure for transacional emails like this \app\locale\de_DE\template\email and it has separate templates and this works fine. The mails are sent in German.


The polish language pack doesn't have this structure and after checking some language packs neither does for instance Norweigan. Instead there is a file  Mage_Email_Templates.csv inside app\locale\xx_XX\


I presume it is an older standard.


It doesn't work out of the box in our installation, the mails are sent in english. Is there something that need to be done to make this work?