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Magento 1.4 - Onepage checkout not working

Magento 1.4 - Onepage checkout not working

I have a Magento site that is still running on version 1.4. We have not made any upgrades or changes to it but the checkout process has stopped working. When you click on checkout, you get to the page but all the steps are "closed". When I manually with the CSS set display:block, the first step will show but the buttons don't work to login. I'm thinking the jQuery has maybe stopped working.


Can anyone perhaps assist with this? The site is




Karen Nortje


Re: Magento 1.4 - Onepage checkout not working

Magento relies on Prototype.js to open and close checkout accordion blades. I'd look into browser console to see if there're any errors. Sometimes older analytics tools stops working, fail and as a side effect break everything else. You see, once any of the Javascripts throws an error, it's game over for other scripts as well.

Tanel Raja