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Magento - Multiple Issues

Magento - Multiple Issues

Hello everyone,


I'm writing here today as we have some issues with Magento, for a while now we've been experiencing high load times on our page(s) and with higher customer volume, we are obviously getting slower and slower. 


I've run a log clearing process to try to eleviate a lot of the issues, and as such - took a look through the database section and found a few 2.2Gb files, which were just URL_Logs etc, this is all clear and has cleaned up a lot of the issues. After clearing out this junk, we got down to 399mb total size of the database from 2.2Gb total. 


Now, I've done a Google Page test, and found that there are some files which are causing issues on our front end. 


This is the URL for the result -


My main concern is, how do I resolve this? I've contacted our guy who deals with Magento, but to no avail. So I was just wondering if there was something else I can do to allow our load times to drop from almost 7 seconds back to 1 or 2. 


My other issue is that Google is not indexing our images from the store page - this is also causing a problem for us as a lot of people search for our product using Google Images, and they're only finding us through Google Web or Facebook. Is there a setting in Magento to allow Google to find and parse our images?


Thank you,




Re: Magento - Multiple Issues

Also sorry to double post, but I had one more question regarding Google Analytics, 


Does Google Analytics capture the data using our Magento Store URL's and logs from the database? Or does it find the information elsewhere? If so, is it safe to run Google Analytics and disable Magento's URL and Visitor logging?


Thanks again!