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Magento Attributes not displaying correctly

Magento Attributes not displaying correctly

Hi all, I am hoping someone can shine some light on this for me. Fairly new to Magento so may be making a serious error somewhere which explains my issue, however...


Numbers correspond to the screen shot attached:


1: My client has an attribute of Age range which has multiple properties for her to choose from when adding a product


2: The attributes appear fine in the left had column displaying number of items per attribute


3: here is the issue. When i try to display the attribute on product view page I get a number and  not the actual attribute name.


If the attribute is manually typed in i.e. there is an option for dimensions they display fine on the front end but not from this dropdown option

Does anyone have a solution for me? I appreciate your time




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Re: Magento Attributes not displaying correctly

What to you do to display the number (it's obviously option id)? 

Tanel Raja