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Magento - Editing a Order - Payment Methods - PayPal Not Shown

Magento - Editing a Order - Payment Methods - PayPal Not Shown



Been pulling out some hairs trying to get PayPal's Express module to work properly for me ..


Using it Authorize mode since a lot of people will order the wrong colour .. happens a lot with our eBay store.


Both eWay and PayPal use Authorize and Capture methods, upon order and invoice.


Magento Version


#Issue 1

So it works perfectly fine in checkout, the issue is when as above a customer wants to change the order lets say from a Blue item to a Red item which in this case is $5 more as an example.


So I go into the admin control panel then go to the order and click edit, that works fine, change the item and such then I go to Payment Methods and since i have eWay Rapid (For Credit Cards) installed that takes prime place and PayPal is not there and was not there before eWay Rapid (it just showed nothing but let me process the edited order but failed due to another issue see #Issue2)


I can't process though and let the PayPal do its job since its not there .. anyone know how to get PayPal to show up as a payment method in the edit order spot or hide any other payment method based on the how the order was "paid" for to begin with ?


#Issue 2

Before the eWay Rapid it was just empty and at the total is just said Capture which I guess is the PayPal part but even then it would ALWAYS fail since it "Canceled" the original Authorize which then a Child transaction could not be placed .. this logic seems wrong .. anyone else had this issue or know how to fix it ?




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